Who’s Next? Goldberg confirmed for the 2017 Royal Rumble – Best for business?

Following Sundays shocking end to Survivor Series, many were left wondering whether that was the last time we would see Bill Goldberg compete in a WWE ring. We didn’t have to wait long as on RAW last night it was confirmed from the man himself that he will be the first entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble in San Antonio Texas. Goldberg sighting a conversation with RAW commisioner Stephanie McMahon, about whether he had another championship run in him, as the reason for his inclusion.


WWE are not pulling any punches in their build up to the upcoming Rumble, with concern over the locations last Royal Rumble draw back in 1997. A night which saw the company low sell the arena by some margin and resorting to giving away free tickets. It shouldn’t be an issue with today’s brand appeal but WWE really are coming out of the blocks early to make this the most explosive and star powered event in years. Goldberg is without a doubt one of the most over guys in wrestling today. The decision to have him go over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series is one predicated on his unbelievable fan reaction and money drawing capabilities. He is on a level all of his own in regards to star power and his inclusion in the Rumble will definitely be used to as a means to continue the companies recent ratings increase.

There is no doubt we haven’t seen the last of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. It is a very likely that Lesnar will either eliminate Goldberg from interference in the match or by been included in the match itself. Leading to the two facing off one more time in another Wrestlemania match. This meaning the Goldberg is likely to walk away with a loss in the match and not steal the opportunity to build a new star. With this in mind I think Goldberg’s inclusion in the Royal Rumble match will be very good for business, if done correctly. The problem will lie in the way WWE book the match – Goldberg will come across strong. He is undoubtedly going to eliminate a fair amount of the participants in the match, but they can do this in a way that will actually benefit the roster. An elimination in the Rumble isn’t an instant career killer. It actually gives a lot of superstars the exposure of facing Goldberg in a way they would not really get in other ways. It is a fact that most of the talent who will get the chance to come up against him in the Rumble match, would never get the opportunity to do so in other matches.


The build up also offers many interesting chances to see new stars try to make a name for themselves. The interaction with Goldberg and certain members of the roster will immediately elevate their status. This is the perfect chance to¬†give people like Rusev, Braun Strowman and even Big Cass a dominant push by making a statement. It wouldn’t be limited to just the big guys who get their shot as many other stars will get their chance at making a name for themselves and further their status.

It is expected that we will see more legends than just Goldberg at the Rumble with it been widely reported that The Undertaker will be on the card, as well as the possibility of Shawn Michaels making an appearance in some shape of form. Having this level of star power at the Rumble would work much better than having them at Wrestlemania as they would be used to actually put over younger talent in matches as opposed to merely taking up air time in promos used for media attention.

Goldberg’s inclusion into the Rumble match will elevate all around him and give us the chance to see some big moments we wouldn’t get to see anywhere else. It also gives a superstar the big chance to make themselves a star for life with his elimination, although as previously mentioned that honor will likely go to Brock Lesnar. That alongside his inevitable part in a high viewer rating, makes this a win-win business decision that will benefit the fans and the business alike.

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  1. The Lesnar/Goldberg match was total bullshit. They spent God knows how long building Lesnar up as this unstoppable force…only to fuck all of that up by feeding him up to a 49 year-old who can’t wrestle? Oh dear. Why couldn’t a young talent who needs that recogition be put over Lesnar? It’s all booking for the short term – they’ll probably see big ratings increases over the next few weeks, and draw a shit load of interest heading into WrestleMania, but what happens after that when Goldberg’s more than likely gone?

    They’ve put Berg in the Rumble to protect him. He can’t work a lengthy match so in the Rumble he can just throw a bunch of punches and kicks, and that’ll mask his sheer ineptness. I also wouldn’t get my hopes up with anybody getting elevated. That’s only going to happen if the likes of Rusev and Strauman puts up a decent fight with him, but we all know how much Vince loves a superhero character. Goldberg ploughing through all of the up & coming stars is something I fear will happen.

    Oh and the fact the main draw for WrestleMania is Goldberg/Lesnar III is a fucking joke. Legit can’t stop shaking my head at the product right now. Ugh.

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