The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals whether or not he’ll survive the seventh season!

He cemented himself as one of the most dastardly villians in TV history after only one episode by bashing in the heads of two much-loved fan favourites Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford, but fans who are already wanting Negan to get his comeuppance might have a long wait in store.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed in a recent interview with Howard Stern that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that he’ll feature heavily in the next two episodes ‘Sing Me a Song’ and the ominously named mid-season finale ‘Hearts Still Beating’

“I know I will be around for Season 8. I think we all knew that. The next two (episodes), I’m really big in,” Jeffrey said. “I’m fucking heavy in those.”

This doesn’t sound like particularly good news for somebody. We’ve had a few slower paced episodes over the past few weeks, but I feel like that’s intentional; they’re clearly building up to something and that something is more than likely going to feed into the speculation that Chandler Riggs is leaving the show. Could the show deviate away from the comic books and kill him off? Could we be left with another “is he dead or not” cliffhanger?


Later in the interview, Morgan talked about how he found his SIX-YEAR-OLD son playing with Lucille. Don’t worry, though. It’s not what you think!

“He’s got his own baseball bat,” Jeffrey said. “He’s got a little Lucille. He comes bounding out of the chicken coop and he’s dressed full-Negan with the baseball bat,  and he admitted that he’d been playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Oh dear. Luckily the chickens survived!”

Sorry, Negan haters. It looks like you’re going to have to put up with him for a good while longer yet.

The Walking Dead airs its next episode this coming Sunday, December 4th, on AMC.


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