‘The Couch Critic’ – My top picks for 2017

2017 is set to be a big year on both the big and small screens! Not only are we going to get some huge cinema releases but with TV series such as Westworld and Ray Donovan pulling Hollywood A-list casting choices in, a good TV series can be just as good as any ‘Hollywood’ blockbuster. With this in mind here’s your humble ‘Couch Critics’ – Top 5 picks for 2017. Now these may not be necessarily the best Film/TV releases this year but these are what I’m personally looking forward too, for a variety of reasons!


Number 5: The Lego Batman Movie

I realise this pick may be abit of a surprise to you but I’m a nerd and refuse to grow up, so therefore I bloody love Batman and I bloody love lego OK?!? Set for release in Feduary 2017 you could be forgiven for thinking this is just a kids film but if the first ‘Lego Movie’ is anything to go by then this film will be full of very witty and hilarious dialogue that will have both the grown ups and kids in hysterics. Also Batman was hands down the funniest character from the first movie with his over inflated, self centred ego and fantastic one liners. This movie will be an easy, entertaining and fantastically funny watch.


Number 4: Better Call Saul Season 3

Now I was a huge fan of Breaking Bad with Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut been two of my favourite characters from the series. So I was thrilled when this spin off series was announced with these two characters returning for it, and already after 2 seasons I think Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad! Season 3 is set to return in April 2017 and will see Jimmy Mcgill(Saul) lock horns with his brother in their bitter and personal fued, while Mike gears himself up for his war against the Cartel. This Season is set to show us just what drives deep down good man Jimmy Mcgill into the ruthless, out for himself Saul Goodman. Sadly you just know alot of people will get hurt along the way, and I can’t wait!!!


Number 3: Transformers The Last Knight

For a concept that really shouldn’t work as a movie time after time, thanks to some fantastic visual effects and gripping storylines, each Transformers movie seems to be better than the last and The Last Knight is set to be the biggest ever! If the trailer is anything to go by then there is set to be some big twists in this movie. Optimus Prime returns from his journey in space to find the planet gripped in a bitter war between man and machine, surely Prime can restore order? Well by the looks of the trailer this is a much more sinister Prime that has returned with a much darker agenda! This blockbuster is set to hit our screens in June 2017.


Number 2: The Walking Dead Season 7 Part 2

Despite starting Season 7 with arguably the best episode of The Walking Dead ever, the rest of the season just seemed to slide downhill from there. None of the other episodes came anywhere near to living up to the intensity of episode 1 and some episodes were so slow, they were a hard watch, even for die hard fans. This was reflected in the ratings with the show dropping to its lowest viewer ratings ever! All that been said I am a die hard fan and I love The Walking Dead and Part 2 of season 7 is set to be a roller coaster! With Rick finally getting his game face on, as he is ready to take the fight to Negan, and the fight between these two men is set to be a bloodbath! This war hits our small screens in Febuary 2017.


Number 1: Justice League

This movie potentially could be the biggest blockbuster of 2017! This year is going to see a few DC movies been released and though not hitting the cinemas till November, The Justice League is set to be the jewel in DC’s crown! I genuinely think this year could be DC’s year and they are making no secret that they are going to go toe to toe with Marvel at the Box Office. So far DC’s movies haven’t quite lived up to the hype but I think this is set to change, especially with the Justice League! With a fantastic set of characters that blend well together, an interesting plot and the darker tones that DC is famous for I think Justice League can seriously challenge Marvels dominance!

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