Bates Motel Season 5 trailer arrives

Bates Motel will air its fifth and final season next month and the focus will be on the repercussions of last season very dark and disturbing ending.

The trailer shows Norman Bates as he casually goes about his business before been called in for dinner by “Mother”. As we know from the series four finale, mother is not quite the same anymore! We know this season will change the narrative and bring us Norman at his most psychotic.


The show is picking up more steam and has already announced that R&B sensation Rihanna will ‘Check in’ to the Motel as the iconic Marion Crane. Fans will be more than familiar with the character during the infamous shower scene in Hitchcock’s classic 1960 Bates thriller ‘Psycho’.

Bates Motel will return with its final 10 episodes, starting on the 20th of February.

Check out the trailer below.


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