Looking Ahead in 2017: TV

I’m going to be looking to the year ahead by tracking down some of the most anticipated pieces of pop culture in 2017. Today I’m going to be focusing on TV shows.

2016 produced some absolutely incredible television so this year has a lot to live up to. From gritty new HBO drama The Deuce, which boasts an all-star cast including Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco, and focuses on the legalization and ensuing rise of the porn industry in New York beginning in the 1970s, to Room 104 – the brand new HBO anthology comedy series from the talented Duplass brothers, which is set in a single room of an American hotel, and explores the characters who pass through it in each episode, 2017 is looking set to to be another fine year for quality drama.

Here are five upcoming shows which are guaranteed to be absolute dynamtive viewing.

Girls (Season 6, Air Date: February 12th)

Homeland (Season 6, Air Date: January 15th)

Downward Dog (Season 1, Air Date: TBC/Summer 2017)

Big Little Lies (Season 1, Air Date: February 19th)

Taken (Season 1, Air Date: 27th February)

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