WCPW matches we want to see in Orlando!

WCPW has set the UK wrestling scene on fire with the newly found company unleashing a huge amount of talent on the industry, whilst attracting several big time names to the company. Their growth sees them take the brand to Orlando in April for a live show, around Wrestlemania, in a massive attempt to further expose the WCPW name.

The question lies in what the company has in store for what will be their biggest PPV to date. I decided to take a look at what matches I’d love to see the most and came up with a series of contest’s that would make WCPW Orlando a must watch show, whilst attracting a whole new set of fans along the way. One thing to bare in mind is that with WCPW been an independent promotion, the signing of talent to their events is based on availability, so I’ll be putting matches forward that consist of wrestlers who have worked for the company before and others that have been confirmed for future debuts.

Rey Mysterio vs. Will Ospreay


Rey Mysterio is the undoubted king on high flying! He has wowed children and adults alike for years and was the trendsetter for the cruiserweight scene back in the 90’s. Mysterio will debut with the promotion on April 29th at a show in Newcastle, England but I suspect he may well be added to the card in Orlando. With that in mind there are so many people you could put against him, but for me none is better suited for the honor than the new trendsetting, high flying, ‘Aerial Assassin’ – Will Ospreay! This choice is predicated on the excitement and quality a potential match would bring as well as the reasoning that Mysterio should be used as a headline attraction that puts over a younger wrestler. Ospreay is well known around the world with his own brand of unbelievable action making him a big name in both ROH and NJPW. He has faced some of the world’s best talent but none compare to the level of superstar that Mysterio is. These two would tear down the house and create some iconic moments for the WCPW brand.

Cody Rhodes vs. Marty Scurll


Cody Rhodes has been on one hell of a run over the last twelve months and his decision to leave the WWE has really profited him as he has worked his way through some of the worlds very best and most respected talents. Cody currently holds the WCPW Internet Championship and I’d love to see him defend that title against one of the best characters and wrestlers in the independent set up – ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll. This match would have an added element to it as it was Scurll who defeated Cody at ‘Battle Los Angeles’ and subsequently stole away one of Cody’s biggest wrestling goals by winning the BOLA tournament. Scurll needs to be exposed to the world as his Villainous ways are truly a sight to see. This could possibly steal the show and tell a very personal story along the way.

Ricochet vs. Alberto El Patron


This match is based on very similar ideas to that of the Mysterio/Ospreay match. Ricochet is one of the most talented performers in the whole of wrestling and he’s proven to deliver on the big stage, taking on some of the biggest names in wrestling. There is one huge name associated with WCPW he hasn’t faced and a heel Alberto El Patron would be the ideal opponent for the King in Orlando. El Patron would be used like Mysterio in really making Ricochet a star on the big stage. Sure there is no doubt Ricochet can make it on his own (just as Ospreay could) but having a superstar opponent of this calibre to put on a clinic with would really propel him to the wider American audience.

2/3 Falls Match – Nixon Newell vs. Bea Priestly


These two have feuded for the most part of the companies existence and have produced some great matches, most notably one of the most hard hitting women’s matches of last year on an episode of ‘LOADED’. The current situation in WCPW see’s Bea having possession of Nixon’s Women’s Championship, claiming she is the rightful and uncrowned champ. Nixon is seemingly headed to the WWE soon but a possible final showdown between these two bitter rivals would be an amazing way go say goodbye. A match with this level of tension would need to have special attention to it and with the recent revolution in women’s wrestling changing expectations, I would look to have this match really stand out. So many gimmicks could be used but for me I would make this a ‘Last Women Standing Match’. Something that would really give both wrestlers the platform to put an intense rivarly to the sword in a final showdown that could make them both big names.

Travis Banks vs. Pentagon Jr


The recent acquisition of the brilliantly, violent Pentagon Jr has really excited me. I love his work and his own brand of chaos and sadism is truly a throwback to years gone by. Pentagon is a very talented wrestler, his image and character have resonated with the wrestling world, creating a star that continues to rise and rise. This elevation of popularity will have alot of eyes on who he potentially faces in the company and an Orlando showdown would do wonders for that opponent. The man who deserve this big time opportunity is the very talented, hard hitting and technical ‘Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks. If you haven’t heard of Travis Banks then you need to check him out! He is a diamond in the rough that will sooner rather than later explode onto the main wrestling scene. He has been involved in some of the better matches seen in WCPW and his ‘Strong style collective’ gimmick has seen him in some very stiff and intense contests. This would be a very hard hitting contest and any violent aspects could give Banks an added element to his impressive skill set.

Jonny Moss vs. The Primate


Yes I hear some saying “Vince McMahon big men booking” but these two big guys really have a lot of talent. Moss is currently one half of the WCPW Tag Team Champions but there is no doubt he can make a big name for himself in singles areas. Throw this Juggernaut against the beastly ‘Primate’ and you could have a very explosive showdown between two powerhouses. Both men are in positions where a big match performance could propel them to the top of the card and both would bring their very best to the table.

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